My stories have appeared in national newspapers and websites across the world. Topics vary from a recent investigation uncovering sexual harassment allegations against Topshop boss Philip Green to discovering the trophy room of a notorious lion hunter in Minnesota.

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Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell's place of honour as Prince Andrew's special guests at Windsor Castle ball

Back in 2000 Prince Andrew invited his friends Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell to the Dance of the Decades ball at Windsor Castle to celebrate four landmark royal birthdays. Years later the Duke has been forced to step down from Royal duties because of his links to the paedophile billionaire and the US Department of Justice wants to question him about their friendship. I unearthed a souvenir booklet from the party naming the notorious pair on the illustrious guestlist and musician Graham Dalby, who's swing band played at the event, shared his fascinating memories of the evening.

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Multi-billion pound firm that supplied Grenfell Tower with flammable cladding shunned a safer version to save money, says judge

Mining through court documents from a US lawsuit brought against the firm that made Grenfell Tower's flammable cladding I found that evidence had been uncovered the construction giant delayed approving a safer version to save money. The safer cladding was only approved 'well after' the flammable version had been supplied to Grenfell Tower.